Thank you for visiting! My name is M.C. Haile, and this site is my space to explore my identity, express my creativity, and chronicle my experiences gaining independence from anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

About Me

I am a person and not a robot, currently residing in a major city on the Eastern Seaboard. I was born and raised in New York City, attended university in North Carolina, and lived for a time in California. Since graduating a decade ago, I have worked as a grassroots campaign canvasser, rental car agent, UPS truck-loader, soda jerk, construction worker, art café manager, Buddhist e-store copywriter, caseworker, pothole-litigation researcher, and most recently, coordinator for a national volunteer organization.

I am passionate about art, basketball, faith, literature, music, poetry, sexuality, and depth psychology. I identify as INFP. My life goal is to become an artist/writer.

About the Blog

The basic function of this blog is to help me understand my past, chronicle my present, and construct my future through the written word. By sharing my experiences, especially those relating to obsessive-compulsive disorder, I hope to help others like me seeking peace and healing. I will also expand my focus beyond OCD, awakening the hidden regions of my soul and psyche in the process.